[vista_openhouse_list] and [vista_openhouse_field] both accept field names which will be replaced by MLS data (the former as internal shortcodes within its shortcode content, and the latter as a shortcode parameter). Both shortcodes accept all the same fields accepted by the listing shortcodes to display data about the listing associated with the open house. The following table lists additional fields unique to open houses which can be used along with the listing fields detailed in the link above.

Field Name Field Description Example Value
refreshments Details on refreshments at the showing. “Provided”
startTime Start date and time for the open house showing in ISO 8601 format. “2024-04-05T21:46:48.841Z
openHouseKey Unique key for the open house posting. Used in a url parameter by [vista_openhouse_field] to identify the open house to pull data from. 10001
endTime The ending date and time of the open house showing in ISO 8601 format. “2024-04-05T21:46:48.841Z
openHouseId The MLS number or id provided by the RETS vendor or MLS. “284817”
type The open house type, ie public or private "Public"
description Remarks and/or description details for the open house “Comes see this beautiful 3 bed 1 bath townhome right in the heart of the city!”