The [vista_openhouse_list] shortcode takes a variety of URL parameters to filter the open houses which it displays. Any open house displayed must satisfy ALL conditions set by URL parameters. Some URL parameters can be specified multiple times- in this case, displayed listings only have to satisfy one of the values for the repeated parameter. For example, ?cities=Houston&cities=Atlanta displays listings in both Houston and Atlanta. If the URL parameters are too restrictive to match any listings, the message "No open houses matched your query" (with no associated HTML elements) is displayed.

Keep in mind that the displayed results are also limited by the data provided by your MLS. For example, if your MLS is local to the state you're in, it probably won't have listings from out of state. So, if you specify a different state in the URL parameters, you might not get any listings back.

Our included forms automatically insert these URL parameters when they redirect to the destination page after submission. This is how the forms filter results on the page that they point to.


Assuming the page contains a [vista_openhouse_list] shortcode, this shortcode will only display active listings in Houston with a list price between $100,000 and $400,000.

Parameter Names and Values

Parameter Description


Scheduled date and time of the open house showing in ISO 8601 format (ie 2024-04-05T21:46:48.841Z)
listingId ID of the MLS property listing for the property that the open house is held at. This can be obtained from the listingId field of the property listing
brokers Filters by the broker ID, which is often the ListOfficeId field. This parameter can be specified multiple times, but is not available for all MLSs.
minprice Minimum price.
maxprice Maximum price.
minarea Minimum area in square feet.
minbeds Minimum number of bedrooms.
minbaths Minimum number of bathrooms.
limit Maximum number of listings to return (per page). Defaults to 12, maximum is 500.
offset Offset for pagination. Defaults to 0.
cities Filters by city name, case-insensitive. Can be specified multiple times. Available values differ by MLS
include Includes fields in each listing which are not included by default. Available values: association, agreement, garageSpaces, maintenanceExpense, parking, pool, rooms, taxYear, taxAnnualAmount.
sort Sort the response by a specific field- a minus - sign before the field denotes descending order, while the default is ascending. Available values: listprice, -listprice, listdate, -listdate, beds, -beds, baths, -baths.