The [vista_simple_listings] shortcode simplifies the process of displaying real estate listings on your WordPress website, offering a streamlined alternative to the [vista_listings_list] shortcode. With a single shortcode, you can generate a list of properties for sale, while customizable attributes allow you to tailor the appearance and behavior of the listings to your preferences. Currently, supported attributes include theme, dest, and pagination.


Copy the shortcode.

[vista_simple_listings theme="light" dest="individual-listing" pagination="yes"]


Place the shortcode on a page like this:


Once you have published the page, visit it. The shortcode generates a real estate property listing.


Shortcode Attributes

The [vista_simple_listings] shortcode supports various attributes that allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of the listings.

theme - Specify the desired theme for the listings (options include "light" and "dark", "light" by default)

dest - The slug or relative URL of the property detail page. (Optional) a slash at the beginning and end, example dest="/individual-listing/" or dest="individual-listing"

pagination - Whether to show pagination options. Valid values are "yes" or "no"