In certain situations--for example, a detailed page to view individual open houses--it's beneficial to be able to display a single field from a specific open house. The shortcode [vista_openhouse_field] allows you to do this. [vista_openhouse_field]takes the openHouseKey of the open house to display from the URL parameter openhouse and the field to display from the shortcode attribute field. It then displays the specified field from the open house with openHouseKey equal to the URL parameter listing.


On a page where the URL contains the string ?openhouse=1001 (or &openhouse=1001 if there are other URL parameters preceding openhouse), the shortcode [vista_openhouse_field field=address] will display the address of the listing with openHouseKey of 1001.

Using [vista_openhouse_field] multiple times on a page

You can reuse this shortcode as many times as you want on a page to display different fields from the same listing. Since the shortcode can be placed anywhere, this allows you to build highly customized pages for viewing individual listings. Since the URL parameter can be changed, you can build one template for displaying individual listings and change the openhouse url parameter to display details from different listings on the page.